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Under Ten Fitness Talk Show

Discussing fitness giving tips, tricks and motivation along the way. We interview experts and break down specific topics to learn more about nutrition, specific training methods and how we can improve what we're doing in the gym to maximize our efforts and have fun at the same time! If you're a beginner or expert there's something for everyone. 

Mar 26, 2020

The short and dirty is the Whole 30 Diet is an elimination diet. That means you cut out or eliminate certain foods. 


In this case those foods include:

1. Sugar

2. Dairy

3. Wheat

4. Grains

We tried it for a month. Hear the podcast to find out our results. Spoiler alert Drew lost 13 pounds. 


For a limited time, we are...

Mar 19, 2020

Following these simple but effective steps I learned to eat less and lose weight. 11 pounds in 3 weeks to be exact. Here are the tips:

1. Eat a little and wait. 

2. Feel hungry for a few minutes before eating. 

3. Give myself permission to eat more if I need to. 

4. Track my calories. 

Listen to the podcast to hear a...

Mar 12, 2020

Rest breaks account for more than half the time a typical person spends at the gym. Is there a better way? Can you get results faster?

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And as always...

Mar 5, 2020

In order of importance

1. Diet

2. Mobility

3. Strength

4. Cardio

These are the physical aspects of a fit lifestyle but the catalyst to it all is a belief. Do you value this lifestyle?

Also on the podcast I talk about my SWAGA-D Diet. There will be a soft launch in April and podcast listeners will get a...