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Under Ten Fitness Talk Show

Discussing fitness giving tips, tricks and motivation along the way. We interview experts and break down specific topics to learn more about nutrition, specific training methods and how we can improve what we're doing in the gym to maximize our efforts and have fun at the same time! If you're a beginner or expert there's something for everyone. 

Apr 30, 2019

The FDA announced it will be making some changes to help regulate supplements. It will be the biggest change in the last 25 years.

WE talk about the FDA and how you can learn about supplements and see if they’ve been recalled.

Helpful links:

FDA Website:

Apr 25, 2019

2 movements done back to back for as many reps as possible.(AMRAP)

  1. Pull-ups
  2. Pistol Squats

I used a resistance band to help me do more pull-ups but it’s not necessary. I switched up my grip on the pullups going from overhand to wide to under hand and switched back and forth to hit the different muscles in the...

Apr 23, 2019

Fitness news and tips to go along with the stories. 

Links talked about on the show: 

Video of man being struck by car while on a treadmill:


Jim Wendeler's 5-3-1 Program for Power Lifters:

Find 10 minute workouts at:...

Apr 19, 2019

This simple workout can be used for any exercise. Pick an exercise and do 10 sets for 10 reps each.

This week I did Kettle Bell Squats. Hold the kettle bell in the rack position and squat for 10 reps 10 times.


I really like how easy this is. I actually did this workout while I was watching TV. My daughter got a kick...

Apr 17, 2019

It's a loaded question that has more than one answer. It really depends on your goals and how much time you have. 


Here’s my check list I go through

  1. How do I feel? Am I sore? When was my last workout? What was my last workout?
  2. What are my goals? Where am I going to workout? Gym or at Home?
  3. When was my last rest...