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Under Ten Fitness Talk Show

Discussing fitness giving tips, tricks and motivation along the way. We interview experts and break down specific topics to learn more about nutrition, specific training methods and how we can improve what we're doing in the gym to maximize our efforts and have fun at the same time! If you're a beginner or expert there's something for everyone. 

Feb 5, 2018

Squats and Pull-ups Workout of the Week 2-5-18

Today we are going to take a look at my workout I did earlier this week and I will tell you what I liked and didn’t like about it along with how I feel today, a few days later, can I feel the effects of the workout?

I am sharing these workouts so we can become gym buddies and talk about what works, what we like and how to get better workouts in and out of the gym.

Warmup - Ankle Tilts, Spinal Flexion & Kettle Bell Swings. KB Swings at 40 lbs for 3 Swings on each side rest for a few seconds and repeat. 4 sets

Squats 6 sets 5 reps 225 lbs

Warmed up with bar x 1 set

135lbs x 1 set

185 x 1 set

205x 1 set


In between sets corrective exercises and spinal Flexion assessments. Ankle tilts between a few sets after I felt tight.


Pull-ups AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) 6 sets

3 reps x 3 sets

2 reps x 3 sets


*notes* I felt pretty fatigued after the squats so pull-ups felt pretty hard but each rep was a full hang and done at 1-2 seconds up and down, slow and controlled.


Rest breaks in between squats were at least 1 minute and up to 90 seconds. Reps felt heavy but relatively easy. Up the weight next time.


Self-care after workout later in the day. As I was already feeling tight and had jello legs after the workout I did some shine boxes and pigeon pose yoga to help my hips. I tend to get tight hips after squats so to help I do yoga poses and corrective exercises.

The following morning I had some soreness but felt mobile and good. I will continue to do some yoga and corrective exercises.

That’s it for the workout of the week: you can find the exact workout in the show notes simply click on the show in iTunes or Stitcher and you will see the show notes.

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And as always remember – Stay Motivated!

Drew Smith